Recent Projects

EU-FER is a project about Economic Uncertainty and Fertility in Europe.

The Great Recession, spanning 2007 to 2009 and featuring downturns in both financial and labour market fortunes, has fuelled interest in understanding whether economic uncertainty affects fertility.

The economic uncertainty/fertility nexus is far from being understood:

  • Theoretical premises weak
  • Empirical findings contradictory
  • Most of our empirical knowledge reflects the pre-crisis era

OBJECTIVE: To generate new knowledge on if, how, and under what circumstances economic uncertainty matters for fertility in Europe, adopting a cross-country comparative approach



EU-FER is based on three pillars:

  1. meta-analysis of previous research
  2. cross-country laboratory experimentation design
  3. micro-level longitudinal analyses.

EU-FER impact

  • New theoretical and empirical insights about how economic uncertainty affects fertility derived from both observationally and experimentally based evidence


  • To set the stage for a new development in family demography by demonstrating the potential of a laboratory experimentation study

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